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Seven Signs

What do you consider to be miraculous? Have you ever seen a miracle? Could you trust someone who told you they saw one? The presentation of Jesus in the Gospel of John is unequalled. For some, the fourth gospel is the most favorite of all. John’s clear revelation of Jesus as the “Word made flesh” leaves us with a solid defense of the Divinity of Jesus and the tri-unity of God. The Bible communicates for us the most marvelous truths. The four gospels, specifically, report to us 35 miraculous events - illogical and impossible in human terms. 

Leading up to Easter we want to look at seven miraculous signs wrought by God’s hand for the purpose of authenticating the testimony of Jesus. The miracles are there, John tells us, because we all wrestle with doubt. If there is nothing happening in your life that forces questions, then you’re not living close enough to the edge. Doubt is part of the human experience. John tells us that not all the miracles that Jesus did were recorded in his gospel, but the things he did record are there for us that we might believe that Jesus is the Christ, and that by believing in Him, we will have life.

For the next eight weekends, we want to behold the miraculous from John’s perspective. Each week we will move through a different miracle until we have the opportunity to once again marvel at the most astounding event of all time.


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