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They're Playing Our Song

One of my favorite pictures that my mother keeps in our “Family Album’ is of me, not more than three years old, dancing on top of a walnut stereo that was prominently displayed in our small living room at 13 Meadow Lane, Madisonville, KY. I love explaining to my children that back in my day our tunes came from flat discs in Hi-Fidelity sound which emanated from objects that could honestly be described as furniture. I have the picture to prove it, and my parents still have the stereo.

I have returned to that wonderful place of my childhood often and recollected over the LPs still there that formed the music of my youth. Raised in a strict environment, my parents were forbidden to listen to “rock n roll” as teens, so after they were married, their first purchases made up for a lot of lost time. The songs of the 60s and early 70’s permeated my first decade of life, and I still remember yearly events and meaningful moments as they attached themselves unforgettably to the framework of my mind. It is said that as we grow older and our memory fades, music can resurrect a lot of what appeared to be lost. I still get misty eyed when I see an aged couple stand to dance at an old song which marked their early romance. It’s their song. A song that encapsulates their love for each other and all that came from it. It also marks the continuation of the precious years that remain for them to share together. I love that.

Psalm 96 is a song like that. It’s a song that teaches us how to respond to the love and mercy of God that is new for us every morning. Like a song, as the mercy of God meets you new and fresh each morning, your response to His music each day is an offering in worship or a neglected opportunity to do so. Psalm 96 teaches us how to worship our God. This Psalm is a “cover tune” of the very song that David proclaims to Asaph in 1 Chronicles 16 after he defeated the Philistines and brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. It is a sincere response to God, our King, Provider, Protector and Righteous Judge. Independent of our circumstances, the song is a reminder, every time we hear it, of the gracious provision of our Savior in our redemption. It’s our song, and every time we hear it, we are blessed to relive the past, present and future reality of our relationship with Christ. Every time we sing it, we declare to ourselves and those who have yet to receive it, the redemption that is offered through Jesus.

May you, every morning, rise to sing your song in response to the grace and mercies of God. Every day, sing a fresh song. It doesn’t have to be new in the sense that the words change, but that we have a fresh attitude, a renewed vigor in light of God’s daily provision and care. This response is not optional for those who have experienced and understood their salvation. We sing. We must sing. It’s our song, as a gift given to us for the purpose of returning it back to the Giver in praise. Sing it loud. Sing it often.

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