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The God Who Speaks

Any serious student of God must concede that the way He has chosen to communicate with humans is of first importance. How can we know anything of God unless He reveals it? Most of our theological problems come when we try to understand God based on what our minds can imagine. When God says in His law that we are to make “no graven images,” it is His caution as well as His prohibition. Our subjectivity will always fall short in describing Him, and we will merely make for ourselves a god we can control. We are at His mercy to understand Him, and by His grace, He has not left us in darkness concerning Him.

Especially at Christmas, we are challenged to consider once again what it means for God to speak of His Being, to reveal as much of His glory as we can take in. The big words we use to describe what Christians all over the world celebrate at Christmas time are “advent” and “Incarnation.” Like many English words they come from Latin: Advent from adventus which means “arrival” and is used almost exclusively in our world to describe the birth of our Lord in Bethlehem. A companion term that often follows advent is Incarnation. This speaks of how our Lord came to us “in the flesh.” The preposition means the same in English, and the word for flesh (carnis) is joined to make the word. The staggering claim of the Christian gospel is that God revealed Himself to us in the person of the Son who took on human flesh.

Obviously, we know this because our Bibles relay to us what God has throughout history revealed. This weekend we not only begin a new sermon series from John’s gospel titled “The God Who Speaks,” but also we will be showing a wonderfully made movie with the same title. My friend and New Testament scholar, Dan Wallace, had a hand in bringing this production to the screen and even appears in the movie. As we are especially bombarded by skeptics and mockers at Christmas and Easter, this movie will be a great boost to your confidence in relying on what God has told us in His Word. God has spoken to us throughout history in many ways, and His defining word to us is given at Christmas. Jesus—the Word of God, come in flesh, to make His home with us.

To find out more about this specific Sunday evening event, and even watch a clip of what we will see, please CLICK HERE. I do hope you will make plans to be with us.



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