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Teaching the Teacher

I just wanted to remind you of a verse that I mentioned last weekend. It is the verse that a lot of us memorized perhaps when we were early in the stages of discipleship. That verse is Ezra 7:10.
Whether or not you are preaching every weekend, teaching Sunday school, or even leading a small group, burn out can creep in. 

I love to preach. I believe I was born for it. But I need to take regular breaks from study and preparation for teaching and just be a learner. Ezra was a godly leader who studied as well as lived the Law of God during the restoration of Jerusalem. It was from the position of devotion that he then taught the people of Israel what he learned. He was a learner and a doer before he was a teacher.

Our Heavenly Father instructs and encourages those he calls into the teaching ministry. He opens the doors of opportunities to learn, grow and serve. We must be aware for those opportunities and be willing to serve from the overflow of what God is teaching us. When I feel too tired and strung out from the rigor of preparation, I have to pause for a week or two for my own personal growth and rethink my priorities. The opportunity to revise as well as review what God has been teaching me is just what I need. I wonder if you might need it also.

For your own spiritual help, if you haven’t already, memorize Ezra 7:10 and make it your own.



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