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Perk - An Advantage or Benefit

      Perk  [p…ôrk]

      Noun:  an advantage or benefit


One of the perks of working daily at CFC is the privilege to share some life experiences with each other that most do not see. Walk into the study of any CFC staff member and you will be greeted by images and paraphernalia that are sure to generate a conversation. Most of these items are not just memorabilia but a link to some special relationship with another person who has made a great impact on the owner.

One of the perks in being a recipient of these weekly blogs is that you are “privileged” to learn things ahead of their debut in our weekend services—when applicable. This weekend I will be showing a brief clip from a video I did with Kris Holzmeyer about some items he keeps in his office. I’ll give you a two hints—it fits with our current sermon series, and you just may find yourself connected in someway to what we are talking about. I certainly hope you find the conversation as interesting as I did. 

So here you go. HERE IS THE LINK for the entire interview. Allow yourself about 8 minutes to see the whole thing. Consider it a perk for being on our mailing list, and thank you for doing so. Oh, and in case you ever wonder, I am wonderfully strengthened (we all are!) by your prayers for us. Thank you in the name of our Savior.



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