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The Season of Community

Acts 2:42
All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer.


Finally! The morning and evening air is beginning to have that nip. The farmers are almost finished cutting beans and corn. My flannel shirts are inviting me to at least give them a consideration. The girls are drinking all things pumpkin spice, and God’s creation starts its colorful journey toward the dormancy of winter. Welcome to Fall!

This time of year can also be very hectic. One of the things I often hear from the folks who are making CFC their home is the desire and challenge to get connected. It is the time of year where we connect more with local routines, and now is the best time to merge into new opportunities that come with the fall calendar.

If you reexamine the New Testament book of Acts you will witness the early church through their response to the gospel. Not only are they brought into a life-giving relationship with Jesus, but they also begin to experience a freshness in community with others that radiates from the pages of scripture. Those gospel-created, love-inspired relationships became the vital practice of the New Testament church. They seem undaunted and undistracted in the pursuit of community.

So please, take this fresh new season of great opportunity within CFC, to jump in somewhere and connect. You won’t be disappointed with your effort. You will find all the information you need on our website or highlighted in the information you receive before each of our weekend services. Specifically, now might be a great time for you consider our discussion of last weekend as it pertained to a new offering of small groups defined by different affinities among our members here at CFC. In fact, we will see a clear example of “affinity groups” within the message this weekend.

Review your own routine. How are you connecting with our mission and vision for being and making disciples?  May the example of Nehemiah’s community, as well as the devotion of the New Testament church, inspire us to be equally diligent.



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