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The Lord's Supper

The Lord’s Supper is one of my favorite celebrations in the church. It is mingled with pain and joy, guilt and forgiveness, grace and mercy. As we prepare to meet the Lord at His table this weekend, let us do so with reverence and expectation.

This simple expression of our faith is a ritual that continues on a regular basis in our church, and because of this we must never fall into a lazy familiarity with the sacred. Like a condemned man given a final meal before his death, Jesus chose this meal on that particular Passover evening to give His church a full understanding of what He was about to do. This ritual in our church should never be treated in an empty manner, but with our hearts fully engaged. We remember on this occasion that the Son of God was about to die for our sins. Our guilt and shame were carried by Him. The wrath of God we deserved, was poured out in punishment and absorbed by Christ, our Passover Lamb. Even as you read this, I pray that you will prepare your own heart to come reverently and gratefully this weekend.

In addition to reverence, I pray that you will come expectantly. If you are prepared to approach this ritual in a fresh way, you do so experiencing the presence of God and His grace, His peace, in a new way. Who can come to the Lord’s table and not again hear His words, spoken directly to them: “Take this and share it among yourselves. For I will not drink wine again until the Kingdom of God has come.”

We remember what His sacrifice accomplished for us. We look forward to the day when we will share such a meal with Him again. This reminder can cause us to live in hope every time we take this communion.

So be ready. He comes to share this meal with us again to remind us of His mercies anew each day. It gives us space to say “Thank you” in community with one another, longing for the communion that we will have with Him in heaven. As often as we partake of this simple meal, we proclaim the life-giving sacrifice of our Lord until He returns.



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