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Back on Track

We talk a lot about discipleship here at CFC, and rightly so. Discipleship is the vision and mission of our church because it is the call and commission of our Savior. It is a long and tedious process. It requires patience and commitment, but the rewards are eternal. We believe that. And yet the rewards are not just eternal, they are seen in the fruit of lives given to the process of becoming like Jesus, expressing the very character of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

I have an opportunity to visit with a young man this weekend who God allowed me to equip as a disciple some 15 years ago. Nick Terry was an intricate member of the Richard Childress Racing team, working as a mechanic and pit crewman for the likes of the late Dale Earnhardt and current drivers Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer. Even then, I saw in Nick a heart to follow Christ and make Him known as we travelled together each week.

Not long after I left the sport, Nick attended Bible College and upon graduation was hired to fill my old spot as Chaplain for the Cup series. I couldn’t be more proud. He has been doing a wonderful job serving that community from track to track each and every weekend. Now in his third season as the Chaplain, Nick is leading that community through some challenging economic times. As I was there when death was occurring frequently, Nick has brought an old crewmember understanding to that ministry. He knows the ups and downs of sponsorship money. He also knows the pressure that comes with performing in an environment like that.

A few months ago Nick asked me to return and speak in chapel. I was deeply honored. So this weekend I will return to Kentucky Speedway for the Quaker State 400, and preach a message to my old congregation of drivers, crew, owners and support folks. It has been 12 years, and in my absence God is working even more so in that community. Once again I am reminded that discipleship occurs from what we are able to do in the moments of being there, but also from the growth that happens from seeds of faith planted years before. Nick is a testimony to that for me.

So please pray for me this weekend as I preach for the NASCAR community and for Kris Holzmeyer as he teaches us from James 3.  At the races or at CFC, it is a wonderful reminder of what my friend Sam Lynn said to me: “If we are not disturbed by how little we can do in our own power, we’ll never be desperate enough to ask God for His.”

Please do that for Kris and me this weekend. Discipleship is truly a lifelong process with lifelong friendships, together, pursuing a long obedience in the same direction. It will be overwhelming to go back to the track. May the Lord, in His mercy, keep us on track.

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