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High Def

We've spent the month of June with some guest speakers and messages that weren't necessarily related as part of a "message series." But that all changes in July when we start a new series titled "Faith in HD."

When it comes to living by faith, care must be exercised in how we interpret our circumstances. Many are still misled today by the notion that "Real Christians are immune from troubling circumstances" even though Jesus said that we will have trouble. The book of James is a great study on the vivid display of our faith in action. James writes with great clarity--in High Definition-- about the response of faithful believers when encountering trials. 

You can read Luke 23:32-43 to prepare for this weekend's message "Inside-Out," then next week, read James 1. I'll see you for 5 weekends in July and the 5 chapters of the book of James. 

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