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I'm Still Here

I miss you all. I hope that you are all enjoying your summer-time schedules. The Beavers are currently in the throes of various sports camp opportunities. We have also just returned from an extended visit with Andree’s folks which is always a wonderful time for me. I truly enjoy my in-laws, and they have treated me like one of their own since day one. This will most likely be the last summer for some time that all six of us will take an extended vacation together. Andree told me that she would follow me anywhere (and I’ve just about taken her there!) as long as we could visit her folks regularly. I’ve made pretty good on that promise, and I’ve been blessed by the time almost as much as she has.

My youngest sons head to our Middle School camp next week, and Andree and I are going to spend some time in Kentucky for a couple of those days. It will be nice to have uninterrupted adult conversation and sweet tea. All of this to say that while I have missed preaching each weekend, I have desperately needed the refreshment as well. I'm looking forward to returning to my familiar “hill” next weekend, June 23 and 24. We will celebrate baptisms that weekend, and I am preaching a message surrounding that celebration. It’s titled “Inside-Out,” and it will be taken from Luke 23:32-43. This is the passage surrounding the two criminals crucified with Christ. What does that have to do with baptism? Wait and see!

As I type, our fantastic CFC Kids team, along with their wonderful volunteers, are about to close this summer’s Vacation Bible School. I had the opportunity to personally thank some of those workers, and I could tell they’ve had a wonderful week with the kids. If you were blessed by VBS this year, please join me in thanking all of those who made this week special for the children.

So, until next week, from wherever I wind up between now and then, know that I am missing being with you but grateful for the irreplaceable rest. You remain in my heart and prayers, as I pray that I do yours.

Much love,



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