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The Next Generation Will Lead the Church Forward

We have the privilege of hearing Zach Tinner close our current series, Following, this weekend. Zach is a young man who holds the admiration of many here at CFC, staff and congregation alike. A Reitz High School graduate and former football player and coach, Zach now attends seminary in Louisville while interning with us in Student Ministries. 

I do not have enough time or words to convey my gratitude to God for raising up the students in our High School and College Ministries. I am just so encouraged by their commitments to the Lord Jesus. I have always wanted to be part of a local church that had the opportunity to prepare the younger generation to lead the church forward. We have that together here at CFC, and Zach Tinner is no small player. Did I tell you he can rap and rhyme among other things he does well? He’s just an amazing young man, filled with promise for proclaiming as a witness, the power of the gospel. 

Please pray for him, and plan to be here so that you as well might bring encouragement to him and be encouraged by him. Specifically, pray for Zach as he prepares to give the messages this weekend. He will be focusing on Christ’s restorative conversation with the apostle Peter in John 21.



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