In Dale's Words

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Getting to Know...Dale Beaver

What is your position/role at CFC?  

Teaching Pastor (I get to preach!)

How long have you been at CFC?

Arrived in December of 2005

Family – married? Kids – names/ages? 

Andree (married 25 years in July) 4 Sons: Adam, Andrew, Darren and David Henry

Other than Jesus, what character of the Bible are you most looking forward to meeting?


Favorite scripture passage? 

Micah 6:8

If you’re not at church or home, where’s the next likely place to find you?  Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Behind the windshield with my hands on a steering wheel.

What consistently makes you laugh?

My wife and kids. It’s non-stop and unscripted.

If you weren’t in ministry (at CFC), what would you likely be doing (vocationally)?

There isn’t much of a demand for 52 year old race car drivers.

Other than the Bible, what’s the best book you’ve read recently?

I re-read books by guys who died a long time ago, and Peter Mayle who writes about living in France as an Englishman.

Favorite fruit and/or vegetable?

Pinto beans and cornbread

What is God teaching/revealing to you these days?

Every decade is a step toward another step to becoming like Jesus.

Where were you born?  Where did you grow up?

Hopkins County Kentucky. Grew up outside of Madisonville.

Favorite part about working at CFC?

Plenty of help to do the work of ministry where everyone can participate in fulfilling our vision as a church.  I’ve never felt alone in the job.

Favorite TV show from your childhood?  Favorite TV show these days?

Sanford and Son when I was a kid. Never missed it.  Now, I don’t have time to watch TV.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“Be slow to speak and quick to listen.” I even take this advice on occasion.

What are most looking forward to doing again in the spring/summer?

Going to some baseball games.

Favorite candy bar/candy?


What is your pet peeve?

It’s a tie between the general condition of roads in Evansville and “Celebrity Preachers.”

What are 3 adjectives people might use to describe you?

Not sure at all.  My wife says I’m very patient and unassuming.

What music/artist/song are you listening to these days?

Very eclectic. Varies between 70’s and 80’s stuff, Bach and John Coltrane

If you knew they’d accept your invitation, who would you love to have a cup of coffee with?

I’m assuming this is someone I’ve never had coffee with before and is still alive, so, Lloyd Winnecke. We’d talk about the theological implications of good roads. (jk!) I’d love to have coffee with fellow believer in Jesus and jazz musician, Kirk Whalum.

Name two things on your bucket list

Live to see all of my sons thriving in the center of God’s will for them.

Drive as many classic American muscle-cars as I possibly can.