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Getting to Know...Sam Lynn

What is your position/role at CFC? (what’s your title and quick summary of what you do)

I am the Creative Arts Team Leader.  I collaborate with others in planning and coordinating all the elements in our weekend services.  I lead an amazing group of faithful servants (staff and volunteers) – who serve the Lord (and CFC) thru worship/music, audio/sound, lighting, graphics, video production, stage design, etc.  I’m also involved in CFC’s social media and communication teams.

How long have you been at CFC?

Since October 12, 1998.  (18 ½ years)

Family – married? Kids – names/ages?

Married to Barb (almost 24 years).  Have 3 amazing children.  Caleb is 18 and Zachary is 15 – both at Reitz High School.  Ellie will be 10 later this summer.  We live on the west-side of Evansville. 

Other than Jesus, what character of the Bible are you most looking forward to meeting?

Moses – want to ask him about speaking with the Lord “face to face, as one speaks to a friend” (Ex 33:11)

Jonah – want to hear a first-hand account of the whole “in the belly of a big fish” thing…

Favorite scripture passage?

This changes often…as of late…

Colossians 2:6-7 – So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

If you’re not at church or home, where’s the next likely place to find you?  Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I really enjoy spending time with my wife and my kids. We all love sports and music (whether participating or watching on TV).  During basketball season we take trips to Bloomington to see the Hoosiers.  Other things I like to do in my spare time:  watch classic movies, listen to music and podcasts, and go on dates with my wife (which I don’t get to do as often as I’d like).

What consistently makes you laugh?

My children are seriously funny – I mean really funny.  Our family laughs a lot.  Thankful for that.

If you weren’t in ministry (at CFC), what would you likely be doing (vocationally)?

Probably something to do with Marketing, Advertising, or Public Relations.  Maybe music…

Other than the Bible, what’s the best book you’ve read recently?

Wow.  I love to read.  I am usually reading multiple books at a time.  Some of good books I have recently read: “Five Presidents” by Clinton Hill, “Legends Club” by Feinstein, Jackie Robinson’s autobiography, “Toughness” by Jay Bilas, “Present over Perfect” by Shaua Niequist, and different books by Malcolm Gladwell.  Christian authors – “Always True” by James MacDonald, “Multiply” and “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan, “Finishing Strong” by Steve Farrar, and “Second Hand Jesus” by Glenn Packiam.  Also LOVE to read fiction – suspense/mystery kinda stuff (James Patterson, Lee Child, Michael Connolly, Harlan Coben, David Baldacci).

Favorite fruit and/or vegetable?

LOVE fruit – watermelon and pineapple, but pretty much all of them.  A good fruit salad is as good as it gets.

Vegetables – carrots, lima beans (the way my Mom fixes them), salads

What is God teaching/revealing to you these days?

Patience.  Patience.  Patience.

And…I let my worry get the best of me sometimes.  Just this past week in GenNow, we looked at Jesus’ teaching on worry in Matthew 6.  Spoke to me big time.  God has got this.

Where were you born?  Where did you grow up?

I was born in Quincy, IL.  My Dad was transferred a lot during my childhood.  Grew up in Quincy, IL and Peoria, IL and Eldridge, IA (Quad Cities).

Favorite part about working at CFC?

The people I work with are some of the best people I know.  And…I am humbled to be a part of a team that creates art (and artistic environments) that the Lord uses to minister to His people.

Favorite TV show from your childhood?  Favorite TV show these days?

Have always loved watching live sports on TV.  Loved “This week in baseball”.  Otherwise – loved Cosby Show and Family Ties.  More recently – loved “Psych” and “Person of Interest”.  Don’t get to watch as much current TV- but like watching “Blue Bloods”, “Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon” and “NCIS” with my wife.  Oh yeah…Sportscenter.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“If you do God’s will for your life every day, day by day…then at the end of your life you will have done His will for your life.”

“Don’t sacrifice your future on the altar of the immediate”

“Be a leader and make good decisions” (I try tell my kids this every day)

What are you most looking forward to doing again in the spring/summer?

Spending time with my family – vacation, car trips, etc.

Favorite candy bar/candy?

Honestly…there isn’t much I don’t like…but…if I had to pick and absolute favorite…

Brach’s chocolate-covered raisins

What is your pet peeve?

People driving speed limit or below in the passing lane

What are 3 adjectives people might use to describe you?

Passionate, fun-loving, creative

What music/artist/song are you listening to these days?

I listen to lots of different artists/music.  Some of my faves - Bon Jovi, Harry Connick Jr, Chris Stapleton, Dave Barnes, Johnny Cash, Little Big Town, Needtobreathe, Nichole Nordeman, and lots of praise and worship (All Sons & Daughters, Vertical Church Band, Tomlin, Matt Maher, Crowder, Passion, Hillsong).  Soundtracks from musicals like Les Miserables and Hamilton.

If you knew they’d accept your invitation, who would you love to have a cup of coffee with?

Lots of different people:  James MacDonald, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Tomlin, Darlene Zschech, Mark Cuban, Jon Bon Jovi, Harry Connick Jr, Stephen Curry…

Name two things on your bucket list

Hawaii with my wife Barb (likely won’t happen for many years – 3 kids to put thru college)

NYC trip with Barb...we've talked about it a lot..we'd go to as many broadway shows as possible.  Hope this one happens sooner than later...(but again, 3 kids to put thru college)

Other interesting things about me:

My wife will be mortified that I'm admitting this...I have been a life-long fan of professional wrestling

I once shook hands with Billy Graham and President Reagan within 15 seconds

I've been to games in half of the stadiums in major league baseball

I can juggle