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Getting to Know...Kris Holzmeyer

What is your position/role at CFC? (what’s your title and quick summary of what you do)

I serve as Director of Discipleship and Assimilation.  It’s a long title for a simple goal…help people get connected to discipleship and serving.

How long have you been at CFC?

I will celebrate my third anniversary as a part of the CFC staff on April 28th of this year.

Family – married? Kids – names/ages?

My wife Missy and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary on May 11, 2017.  We have two beautiful and fun children; Kyle (12) and Sammi (9).  God allowed us to adopt our kids from China over the past ten years.

Other than Jesus, what character of the Bible are you most looking forward to meeting?

There are too many, but let me give you three names; Jonah (I want to hear what it was like to be in the belly of a giant fish), Lazarus (I want to know what it was like to wake up in that tomb, walk out, and see Jesus and the crowd of people who had gathered that day) and Solomon (I’ve read Proverbs over and over again.  I want to meet the man who gave such great advice).

Favorite scripture passage?

My favorite verse in the Bible is John 14:6 “Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.’”

Our society today tries to tell us that there are multiple paths to God and salvation.  Jesus tells us in this one verse that the ONLY path to God is through Jesus Himself.

If you’re not at church or home, where’s the next likely place to find you?  Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy being a Chaplain with the Evansville Police Department.  When I am not busy at home or at CFC, you will most likely find me participating in an EPD roll call, SWAT training event, or riding around in police cars with our fantastic law enforcement officials.

What consistently makes you laugh?

I enjoy watching and listening to recent stand-up skits from comedians like Jim Breuer.  And honestly, the officers I hang around make me laugh a lot too.

If you weren’t in ministry (at CFC), what would you likely be doing (vocationally)?

I would probably be working for Chic-fil-A

Other than the Bible, what’s the best book you’ve read recently?

“Whosoever Will” by Dr. David Allen

Favorite fruit and/or vegetable?

I have multiple favorite fruits and vegetables but I enjoy watermelon, oranges, apples, bananas and sweet corn the most.  If macaroni & cheese were a fruit, it would be my favorite.

What is God teaching/revealing to you these days?

I am learning the importance of biting my tongue and staying silent when everything in me says to say something harsh.

Where were you born?  Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised right here in Evansville, Indiana.  When I was 12, my parents moved our family to the east side of Evansville and life took off for me.  I attended Harrison High School and later the University of Southern Indiana and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  Loved attending Purple Aces basketball games with my dad and playing youth baseball.

Favorite part about working at CFC?

I love our staff and leadership.  The folks I serve alongside each day are absolutely THE BEST!  I don’t have a job…I have a joy.

Favorite TV show from your childhood?  Favorite TV show these days?

Several favorites from the past…Dukes of Hazard / Incredible Hulk / CHIPS / Emergency / Sanford & Son / Seinfeld

These days I watch “Special Report with Bret Bair” then I turn the television off for the evening.  I know…I’m boring when it comes to entertainment.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

I have been blessed with several GREAT mentors throughout life.  Here are three of my favorite bits of advice from them that have impacted me the most:

“My God is a gentleman.  He won’t force Himself on anyone.”

“The less you know, the less you are responsible.”

“Always have an exit strategy.”

What are most looking forward to doing again in the spring/summer?

I am looking forward to taking some trips with my wife and kids to places like Knoxville, Indianapolis, and Nashville.  We will also be serving together on a mission trip to Ireland.

Favorite candy bar/candy?

Stephen Libs Chocolates…pecan flip overs and chocolate covered strawberries.

What is your pet peeve?

When I ask a nice question and people get smart with me.

What are 3 adjectives people might use to describe you?

I polled some friends.  Here’s part of what they told me:

Passionate / Charismatic



What music/artist/song are you listening to these days?

I enjoy listening to music by Meredith Andrews and Francesca Battistelli.  When I’m not listening to their songs or similar stuff, you will most likely find me tuned in to classic 80’s music such as Huey Lewis and the News, Journey, and REO Speedwagon.

If you knew they’d accept your invitation, who would you love to have a cup of coffee with?

I wouldn’t drink coffee, but I would love to drink some Ski with President George W. Bush

Name two things on your bucket list:

  • Visiting Disneyland in California
  • Visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Other interesting tidbits about Kris:

  • I have been on C-Span twice praying over the US House of Representatives (2012) and US Senate (2013)
  • I am a 12th generation descendant of President Andrew Jackson