The Knowledge of the Holy

Hey friends! In our next message series that will last most of the summer, we will explore the attributes of God. Often times the works surrounding this subject matter can be quite taxing and sleep inducing.

My grandmother gave me a book before I went to seminary in Dallas that not only deeply impacted my theological understanding, but it also awakened deeper personal worship of God. The book is titled, The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer. 

If you ever wonder about the writings (apart from the Bible specifically) that confronted as well as corrected the drifting Evangelical church over recent decades, this book remains at the top of that list. Tozer will strike you as a theologian, but he was simply a pastor from Pennsylvania who served churches even in the no-name coal towns of West Virginia. I am convinced that he was to the core, a man of God. Even though he died a year before I was born, he was uniquely fit to be a voice for us right here and now.


We have a few copies for sale in the CFC Bookstore, or you can order it online from multiple sources.


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