CFC's Adult Singles' Lunches (previously called "Single Vision") are on Sundays at noon. This group is primarily 50 and over and is a great way to get to know others in the church and spend time together in fellowship and to encourage each other. You are welcome if you are single, widowed, or divorced.

December 19 - Achie & Clydes, 8309 Bell Oaks Dr, Newburgh
December 26 -  Acupulco Mexican Restaurant, 8480 High Point Dr, Newburgh
January 2 - Hornet's Nest, 11845 Petersburg Rd
January 9 - Thai Papaya Cuisine, 1434 Tutor Lane
January 16 - Hickory Pit, 1521 N. Main St
January 23 - Friendship Diner, 834 Tutor Ln
January 30 - Roca Bar, 1618 S Kentucky Ave.
(If any are closed, meet at Jason's Deli instead)

If you'd like to be added to the email list for this group, please let Aileen or Jeff H in the church office know, and they will add you.