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Prayer for Daddy Daughter Dance

Pray for growth in the relationships between dads and daughters. … Read more


Why Should I Fill Out a Welcome Card

Week after week, we ask for you to check in with us through the Welcome Card. You may wonder why? Quite simply it's a great way to help us keep up with you. We love knowing you're with us… Read more


Have You Been Thinking About It?

The best way to grow in Christ and connect with CFC and others is a small group. It's impossible to overstate the benefits of being a part of a group. You've heard a lot about them over the… Read more


Prep for the Weekend

Revelation 11:1-13 New Living Translation (NLT) … Read more


Does CFC Think About Security?

Does CFC think about security? Absolutely! In today’s culture, churches have to think about things that you would have never dreamed about several years ago. And we are constantly trying to… Read more

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