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God has blessed us with a beautiful and functional facility. This building is to be used as a tool to help lead people to Jesus Christ and to enhance the fellowship of Christians. We have recently updated our facility guidelines and priorities. Priority will generally be given first to CFC ministries and sponsored activities of the church, followed by members of the church and their immediate families, then community groups and organizations. If you would like to request the use of our facility please complete the form below:


  • Room Request Form

  • Please state whether you are a:*
  • If organization, can you provide proof of insurance?
  • If organization, is it a 501(c)3
  • Days of the Week*
  • Number of People Expected (For groups of more than 75 - custodial fees may be charged. Custodial fees will be based on amount of clean-up required.):

  • Do you need any audio/visual equipment?
  • A/V Needs
  • Please describe what your needs will be - If someone is required to run the sound system for your event, there will be a fee of $25 per hour charged:*

  • Has leader been trained on equipment?
  • If not, please provide name & phone number of contact/lead person who will be making arrangements for training. This person will be responsible for making contact for training. Contact info will be sent with confirmation.

  • As a representative of the above group I realize this building has been dedicated to the glory of God, and to the service of God and His people, and I insure the building will be left in the condition in which it was found. I will pay all necessary fees and will assume financial responsibility for any loss or damage during the course of the requested activity.

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