We have adopted four principles of Discipleship that we believe should characterize how we want to do Discipleship. The four principles are intentional, relational, life on a life and reproducible.

Here is what we mean by each of those principles:

1. Intentional

  • Fill their minds with Truth
  • Fuel their affection for God
  • Share God’s love by being a witness in their world
  • Demonstrate God’s love as a member of CFC
  • Spread His glory among all people
  • Make Disciple makers of a few

2. Relational

Our style of Discipleship is relational. This means that we will meet regularly, invite others to join us, build lasting relationships, as well as be loving, caring, concerned, and compassionate as we Disciple.

3. Life on a Life

We will Disciple in a smaller context. We will be personal, knowing one another well, accountable and committed to one another and vulnerable in our relationships.

4. Reproducible

We must do our part to fulfill Jesus' words in Matthew 28. We must train towards being reproducible and we must ask for and expect Disciples to reproduce. Reproducible means all Disciples will soon begin making Disciples of others.