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Three Important Weekend Happenings

The weekend service is where we gather together as a family to worship, study the Scriptures, and reconnect relationally with brothers and sisters in Christ. This weekend we continue our study in… Read more


Who Are the Elders at CFC?

CFC is an elder-led church. But what exactly does that mean? And who are the current elders at CFC? … Read more


5 Reasons To Be More Connected

We all need to be tightly connected to a local church, but we don't always know how to do that or realize the blessings that it offers. Becoming more connected does a number of things for us.… Read more


CFC's Doctrinal Statement

As we finish up the "Intentions" message series this week, let's take a look at CFC's doctrinal statement. You can click HERE to read it. … Read more


The CFC App

Here's a quick overview of all you can do on the CFC app: … Read more

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