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Sponsor a Pastor in India

In October, Pastor David Niednagel will again go to India to train indiginous pastors in that country. You can be a part of this trip by donating to send a pastor to the conference. A $100 donation… Read more


Here's Your Assignment

Stop reading this right now and read Luke 10:25-29. … Read more


Giving for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Over the last week we have all watched as hurricane Harvey pounded the gulf coast. There was tremendous devastation, and many lost their lives. Their recovery will take years. … Read more


A Focus on Children

Several months ago, the elders made a decision to begin an emphasis to make a difference in our community. We wanted to do something to meet a crying need in the tri-state area. We also wanted it to… Read more


In His Image

The events in Charlottesville, VA this past week have been nothing short of sickening. Any group can use the title Christian, but some who use that title don't speak for us. We mourn the… Read more

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