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Who Do You Think Jesus Is?

The vision statement of CFC is to Glorify God By Making Disciples of All People! The last 3 words have huge significance. We mean ALL people. By that, we mean our next-door neighbors as well as those… Read more


This Weekend

We will celebrate communion together this weekend. It's a special time as we gather to remember all that Jesus has done for us. Here are a couple of passages to read regarding communion. Take a… Read more


Firm Confidence and Hope

Madame Guyon (AD 1648-1717) … Read more


Consider This

Why aren't you in a small group? There are lots of reasons we don't get in a small group, but none of them should stop us. Being in a small group is one of THE most effective ways to grow in… Read more


Prep for September 8th and 9th

Joshua 1:6-9 New Living Translation (NLT) … Read more

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