What's Your Intention?

Elder Notes

Seldom does anything good happen without someone being intentional. From the very beginning, God was very intentional in how He created and designed everything. He was intentional about male and female. Days and years. Work and rest. Water and land. Today the word intentional can be a buzz word and overused, but the fact remains that rarely does something good happen without someone being intentional. 

In 2019, we would ask you to be intentional about your spiritual journey. You are designed to grow. Now is your chance to grow spiritually, and you have to be intentional about it. Not only do you have to be intentional, but you have to understand it's YOUR responsibility and commit to it. CFC has amazing opportunities for you to grow, and it's YOUR responsibility to take control of your growth. Yes, God has a role in your growth, but each one of us needs to put ourselves in a place where we can grow exactly how He wants us to.

One of the keys to being intentional is to make sure you carve out time in your schedule to grow spiritually. You may have to not do something you are currently doing in order to do something far greater--grow in your walk with the Lord. 

CFC is adopting an old Home Depot slogan: "You can do it. We can help!" It's perfect for describing God's desire for us to grow and the church's role in it. So let's get going. Coming the first of February is a new emphasis to help each and every person at CFC to grow. You won't want to miss it. Clear your schedule, and let's grow together!



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