3 Reasons the Elders Are Asking You to Pray

Elder Notes

Easter will be here before you know it. (April 1) It’s the one Sunday that those who don’t regularly go to church consider going. So here are the 3 reasons (and ways) that we are asking you to pray.

  1. We all rub shoulders with people who need Jesus. It may be friends, family members, neighbors, or co-workers; we all know people far from Christ. Pray for the people you might know who need Jesus.
  2. It is God’s desire that they would come to know Christ. One way to introduce them to Christ is to invite them to church. Most people are honored that you would consider them and invite them. The message on Easter Weekend will present the Gospel for them to hear. Pray that it reaches the hearts of people.
  3. Overcome whatever might keep you from inviting someone. If God wants people to come to Him, what do we have to fear? Pray that God would allow us to be bold and invite someone.

It’s going to be a great Easter!


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