What Was I Created For?

Elder Notes, Serve

There are lots of reasons why many of us don't get actively involved in the church. As with anything, there is a time and season for involvement. Remember Ecclesiastes. Sometimes we need to rest and recover from the difficulties of life. BUT over the course of time, God wants us actively involved and connected to a local church. He created us to serve Him and be involved. He has good things planned for us to do.

It's easy to think you aren't trained or qualified to serve, but God has given you gifts and skills to use for His glory. Most of us are extremely busy. That’s one reason it's so important to intentionally carve out time to serve Him. While we often think of the music part of our service as our worship, our service is an act of worship as well. And by serving, using our God given gifts and abilities, we are actually more fulfilled. Not only that, but we produce fruit.

A major part of the responsibilities of our staff is to help people connect a way that matches who God created them to be. If you'd like help with that, let us know HERE

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