Why Should I Go On a Short-Term Mission Trip?

Elder Notes, Global Outreach

Really, why should I go on a short-term mission trip? 

7 Reasons

  • You need to see that the world is bigger than your world. Most people don't live like we do, and most Christians in the world don't live here.
  • You need to see how little we are. We are just a tiny part of the Kingdom.
  • You need to see just how lost the world is. There are Muslim prayer calls, meaningless worship, and people oblivious to a God that loves them. 
  • You need to see the hunger of the believing world. Believers around the world hunger for teaching and fellowship like you've never seen.
  • You need to meet people who are paying a high price to follow Christ. It isn't as easy in some places as we have it.
  • You need to see other cultures and understand God's heart for ALL peoples.
  • You need to meet missionaries.

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