The Salvation of Man

Elder Notes

As we continue to look at the Reformation, in this weekend's services we will specifically address the Salvation of Man. This doctrine is one place where Luther differed significantly with the church.

Over the years, the make up of those who attend CFC, has included a large number of Roman Catholics. There are several reasons for this. First, the Evansville community has a large Catholic population. Secondly, many of the doctrinal beliefs of CFC are easy for former Catholics to embrace. There are 2 main places where our doctrine would differ from the Roman Catholic church, and in this weekend's services we will look at one of those -- the doctrine of salvation.

Do you know someone who is ready and needs to hear the Gospel? Invite them this week as we will study the biblical perspective on salvation together. The other major area of disagreement is the authority of Scripture. We addressed that difference in the message on September 17, 2017. While there are other subtle differences, these 2 are the major ones.

Join us this weekend as we worship and learn together!


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