What Does It Take To Get There?

Elder Notes

Over the summer, many of us take a vacation. Lots of us try to get in some last minute vacation in August before school starts. What did it take to get where you were going? Whether you traveled by car or plane, it took that first step to get where you were going. That first step is always planning. We are on a spiritual journey as well. Our spiritual journey is to lead us to be more and more Christ-like. Our spiritual journey takes planning too. What's your plan? This is a great time of year to put a plan in place for your spiritual growth. Let's look at some next steps HERE

Here are some ideas:

1. Intro to CFC is this Sunday. Maybe this one-hour class giving you an overview of the church is the perfect starting point.

2. Become a member. Watch for our next Membership Class coming in September.

3. Get involved with a small group that will help you grow in Christ. Sign ups will start in September. 

In addition, there are a number of additional classes and activities to help you grow starting in the next several weeks. Check out for all the details. 


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