What Is Your Next Step?

Elder Notes

This week it was announced that gas prices are the lowest in 12 years. That is resulting in more people traveling over the 4th of July than most years. Anytime we travel, we plot out our journey, look at the map, do our research, and make our plans. In our spiritual journey, it takes the same kind of planning to get to our destination. The same way you won't get where you want to go on vacation without planning is true of your spiritual journey. It won't happen by accident.

As you think about your spiritual journey, what's your plan? CFC has great opportunities to help you grow in your faith. Don't ignore your spiritual growth. Be intentional and plot out your course this summer so you can hit the ground running this fall.

Don't know where to start? Click here for a simple intentional way to grow! 

See you this weekend!


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