Another Way to Give

Elder Notes

CFC doesn't talk a lot about money, but the Bible does. We are so grateful for the financial support that you give! Because of your support, lives are being changed here in Evansville and around the world.

  • Starting this Sunday, hundreds of kids will experience the love of Christ through VBS.
  • Over 150 middle school and high school students will attend CIY.
  • 15% of every dollar given goes to support missions somewhere around the world.

CFC is making disciples, and it's all because of the generous giving by people like you.

One way to give that isn't thought of often is a gift of stock. Right now might be the perfect time to do a stock gift with the market at all-time highs. If you have stock that has increased in value, you can give the shares directly to CFC, and there are 2 huge benefits.

  1. You get a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of the shares on the day you transfer them, no matter how much or how little you paid for them.
  2. You escape the capital gains tax on appreciation that took place with your shares.

Donating stock is easy. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact Andy Hanson in the church office. You can email or call him at 812.867.6464.

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