CFC's Doctrinal Statement

Elder Notes

As we finish up the "Intentions" message series this week, let's take a look at CFC's doctrinal statement. You can click HERE to read it.

From the beginning of our church, we have only included in the doctrinal statement those things that are of upmost importance and clear in scripture. Many doctrinal statements might include various additional elements of a more minor nature. You might say that our doctrinal statement contains only those things that "we would die on a hill" for.

CFC handles the more minor parts of theology or doctrine by having a "position" that we hold but that we wouldn't "die on a hill for." There are many of these types of issues, and most of them can be looked at in different ways.

You might ask, what's an example? Here is one. CFC's doctrinal statement does not include any statement about eternal security such as “Can you lose your salvation, or are you 'once saved always saved?'” There are many mature Christians that come down on either side of this issue. CFC's position is that once you are saved you are always saved. However we wouldn't part fellowship with those who believe otherwise.

So in short, we have a doctrinal statement that includes those things that are of great importance. Then we have other positions that are our understanding of the more minor points. In closing, please take a look at our doctrinal statement and fill your mind with God's truth.

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