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A Thousand Tongues to Sing

Founders of the Methodist church, brothers John and Charles Wesley, came to the newly colonized Georgia from England shortly after their graduation from Oxford University.  In the new American colony, the Wesley brothers tried to evangelize the Indians, but became discouraged and returned to England.  On the ship crossing the Atlantic, the Wesleys met a group of Moravians, whose spiritual life made such an impression on the brothers that they became involved in the group’s congregation upon their return to England.  John and Charles Wesley came to realize that although they had been converted and had worked hard on behalf of Christ, they had never understood what it meant to have a real and deep personal relationship with Him.  One Moravian leader (Peter Bohler - Charles' spiritual mentor) remarked to Wesley,  “The Lord has done so much for my life.  Had I a thousand tongues, I would praise Christ with every one of them!”  For the 11th anniversary of his conversion, Charles Wesley wrote this hymn based on the testimony.  His intention was that it be used to celebrate the anniversary of a worshiper’s conversion.   ---  From "More Songs for Praise and Worship"


Our services will begin this weekend with the singing of this amazing hymn of the church.  We will join our voices with those that have sung it for nearly 300 years.  May it be for us - as Wesley intended - a celebration of our "conversion".


Vertical Church Band has also taken that phrase and brought it forward into a vibrant new song.  Our prayer this weekend is that the two songs would be a fitting, opening declaration and celebration of our love for our Lord and all He has done for us.  He is worthy to be praised...with each of our individual tongues and at least 999 more!

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