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The Help is Appreciated

In going through our annual call to membership at CFC, I am allowed a reconsideration of what it means to be a church, as well as what it means to be a church member. I happen to be a pastor in this church, which is a privilege in its own right, but I also happen to be a parent. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to our Student Ministry team and volunteers. This weekend, my middle-schooler, Darren, will participate in CFC’s DNOW event with many other kids in his age group. It’s an over-night gathering (Friday night and Saturday) that he and his fellow Middle School Ministry (MSM) kids are sure to remember.

As a parent, I am grateful to have a church that partners with me in the reinforcement of raising my sons to follow the Lord Jesus. I’m sure you are thankful as well. It may even be a major reason you chose to join this local church. To have our children receive instruction from others can truly bring out the practical expressions of discipleship. It’s also encouraging to hear that our children are living and articulating their faith outside of our home—sometimes much more impressively than they do at home!  

All of this to say that I’m thankful for the staff and lay-leaders who will make this event, and others like it, a part of reaching our vision to glorify God by making disciples of all people. Please join me in praying for these leaders and our kids as the weekend approaches.

On additional note, I referenced a book in the message last weekend that we are stocking in the CFC Bookstore. It's a companion to the "We Are" membership series this year. If you or your group would like to pick up a copy of this book for further reading and discussion, the title is "I Will" by Thom Ranier.