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Would "I Do" That Again?

I read once a tweet that went something like this: “I don’t care how strict you think your parents are, I would give anything to have both my parents still living together.” The… Read more


How Much Should I Keep

As I was looking back at the parable we are considering for this sermon series, something dawned on me that I haven’t seen in any commentaries. It’s an interpretation on this difficult… Read more



You may remember that over the past few years I have followed the membership series with a couple of weekends on the topic of giving. I am doing that again this year for reasons that I hope are… Read more


For Historical Reasons

As we celebrate the close of another January and keep the momentum of a New Year going, I want to thank you for the feedback I’ve received from many of you concerning our “Belong”… Read more


Have History, Make History

If you’ve been here for any length of time I am fairly optimistic that you can explain why CFC fulfills the criteria for acceptance as a church. To see our local church as a living organism,… Read more


New Message Series: BELONG

It is not only for the young to be hopeful for what this year will bring but also for the oldest among us. A study of the scriptures tells us that while this world offers the same problems, we have… Read more


We Belong Here

For many of you reading this it won’t be BREAKING NEWS that each new year we remember what it means to be the church and find our place in it. CFC is not, obviously, the only local church you… Read more


Until He Appeared

O Holy Night. The stars are shining brightly. It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth. … Read more


According to Jesus

We kicked off the Christmas sermon series this year by examining the backgrounds of the two men who tell us the story. Luke and Matthew give us the context of Jesus’ birth which meet the… Read more


Christmas Wrapping

It can be highly stressful for a parent to watch their kids unwrap gifts at Christmas. How will the kid react when he sees the present Aunt Mary has hidden beneath the three levels of protection she… Read more


The Family Tree

Matthew 1:1 … Read more


Above Reproach

1 Timothy 5:1-2 … Read more


Opportunities to Trust

Lately I’ve led the funerals of some precious ladies who were part of our country’s “Greatest Generation.” During the visitation times, I was blessed to look upon some photos… Read more


One Thing You Lack

As we say “goodbye” to another series, I want to thank you all for the feedback you’ve given me concerning not only our statement of faith, but also what you’ve learned about… Read more


Wise Men Are Still Men

In our study of the reformation, you may, like me, feel tempted to glorify the movement as well as the people who led it. They are heroes of our faith, needless to say, but they accomplished this… Read more