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Brick by Brick

Just last evening our beloved Tri-State weatherman, Wayne Hart, used some of my most favorite words for this time of year. He actually said that last night we would experience the “cool overnight lows” that I long for. Now don’t go pulling on your flannels and Ugg boots just yet. Between now and October we all know that the dew points and humidity will rise several more times. Fall is coming though, and I long for it as much as I do the Spring.

As we conclude our current series, let me say how grateful I am to hear how helpful it has been to many of you. Those who are new to CFC have enjoyed a clear vision into the heart and life of our local church. Those who are veterans of this fellowship have been reminded once again not only of who we are, but to Whom we belong and how gracious God has been to us.

Starting the following weekend, we will dive into our study of a favorite Old Testament story. In the book of Nehemiah we hear an amazing account of God’s faithfulness in the restoration of His people. I’ve called this series “Brick By Brick” for two reasons. First, there is the obvious connection to the actual rebuilding of the wall that secured the city of Jerusalem. In 586 BC, God had the Babylonians under the leadership of their king, Nebuchadnezzar, lay siege to the city of Jerusalem, which was part of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. The devastation included not only the destruction of the wall around the city but also the dwelling places within it.           

Jerusalem remained in that decimated state for 70 years until God placed the burden for restoration and re-gathering on the heart of the royal cupbearer, Nehemiah. And by his example, we see a second connection to the title, and that being the restoration of the spiritual life and identity of God’s people. This is the even greater message of the story.

The book of Nehemiah continues to teach us today the many lessons needed for courage and leadership. This weekend we will distribute an informational card to help you read along with us in preparation for each weekend service. The card will give you a brief introduction to the book of Nehemiah along with a chapter for you to read during the designated week. It could also be a tool for you to invite someone to join us for the series. 

My prayer is that God would use this simple card in a powerful way. May we be reminded of how our lives are built as well as restored—Brick by Brick.



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