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You Did That on Purpose

Intentional: Done with purpose; deliberate.

I can remember growing up in a home with siblings where my introduction to the term “intentionally” was in the negative sense of the usage. I did something or said something unpleasant to my sister and was punished for “intentionally” doing it. “You did that on purpose!” “You did that intentionally!”  Has a nice and familiar ring to it, doesn’t it?

And yet, as a disciple of Jesus, you see clearly in the gospels where He calls His disciples on purpose. Particularly with those closest to him, you see Jesus engage them with a commanding presence. His call doesn’t feel aggressive, but essential. It was the same call, I believe, that first reached our ears in an invitation to not only trust Him but also obey.

This weekend we will examine the “Next Step” in the process of connecting with the life and mission of our local church. Join us as we cover the first part of understanding the qualifications of discipleship by considering the importance of intentionality.



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