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For Historical Reasons

 As we celebrate the close of another January and keep the momentum of a New Year going, I want to thank you for the feedback I’ve received from many of you concerning our “Belong” series. I’ve really enjoyed presenting these messages on membership around our mottomandate and mission. I am really grateful for the Holy Spirit’s gift of expressing what being a member of a local church means—We belong where we have history and make history.

I’ve enjoyed hearing your stories about the history you have with God’s people here at CFC. I am also more than encouraged by your attitude for the future. My prayer is that you will keep history with Jesus as you live each day in obedience to Him. His promise is to transform us into His likeness as we follow Him. It is also wonderfully overwhelming to me to hear about people leading others to follow Christ as well. Remember, we belong to a church so that others might see and learn from our example. God has set us apart to shine as lights of His goodness in this world. Nothing is more glorifying to Him than when we point others to the source of that light. We glorify God by making disciples of all people.

As you prepare to take seriously what it means to commit to the mission and vision of our local church this weekend, let this be reaffirming to those of you who are returning to it and a major step for those of you who are new. We will receive copies of the membership covenant this weekend for that exact exercise. I hope you will join us in making history here at CFC. And if you are a returning member, may you be refreshed with vision and purpose, and press on. In either case, I am blessed to make this journey with you. May we remain faithful to our mission until “the kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever.”


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