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We Belong Here

For many of you reading this it won’t be BREAKING NEWS that each new year we remember what it means to be the church and find our place in it. CFC is not, obviously, the only local church you could align with in Evansville. It is good to remember, often, how the Lord brought you here, and why He brought you here. This body, this family of faith, is the place where you belong—where you fit. We remember that being in a local church is not optional for believers but essential. Jesus is the Great Shepherd of this flock, not a personal tour guide for individuals on a periodic spiritual hike. The church where you are called to participate is the very Bride of Christ. She’s a big deal. The biggest on earth in fact.

Starting the weekend of January 14, we will take the remaining three weekends in the month to exercise our commitments to the church by remembering our motto, mandate and mission. Then, for the first two weeks in February, we will look at some characteristics of healthy participation in our local church. If you are a member of CFC, as I am myself, I expect you to be here for the exercise. Annual efforts of recommitment are beneficial in maintaining the often relational and spiritual endurance needed to remain a functioning part of the church. God has honored, and I believe He will continue to honor this intentional time of reflection.

If you are reading this and considering membership in this or any local church, I invite you into this fresh consideration of what it means to be part of the church. We have been following this annual teaching format for a few years now, and it has truly become more than just a ritual. As in the past, we will include “Membership Covenants” for you to pray through and commit to should God lead you here.  I have been in ministry long enough to know that local churches exist because men and women commit to belonging there. I would love for everyone who visits CFC to end up members, but I know Christ is building His church among many local bodies throughout this city. I would love for you to be confident that you belong here, but more than anything, I want you where you will not only attend but also participate. Join us please for this very important season of worship and study.


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