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One Thing You Lack

 As we say “goodbye” to another series, I want to thank you all for the feedback you’ve given me concerning not only our statement of faith, but also what you’ve learned about church history. I have personally been very grateful for the reminders of how we arrived as a church in light of the reformation. I am also reminded that as great as the transformation was, and necessary, the giants we honor for their sacrifice were also flawed and ordinary people just like us. I am shocked, still, by the number of lives that were taken in returning the church to a pure doctrine. Much of that, we can clearly see, was the result of a church that was immersed in the affairs (and trappings) of the state. Let us pay attention. 

We now stand, 500 years later, clinging to the solas as our guiding principles, and reminded of the essential characteristics for the church to be “the church.” I am grateful for that as well, and happy to have heard from so many of you bearing testimony to the same.

In two weekends, we begin a study of Mark 10:17-27. Feel free to read ahead. I’ve titled this series: One Thing You Lack. It’s a great title to confront our own posture in today’s America. I mean, we have everything, don’t we? In this series we will take up the conversation that Jesus has with a wealthy, but anonymous, lover of God. He could be right here at CFC. He seems to have it all, but he’s concerned about his eternal destiny. He has no assurance, in light of everything else he is confident about, that heaven awaits him. He discovers that there is one thing left for him to do.

In a month where we begin to think more seriously about giving, receiving, and being thankful, this study of Mark 10 will remind us of how the people and things which drive us to gratitude can blind us to what we really need. The trappings of our abundance and happiness can actually prevent us from discovering the Kingdom of God. Anything, or anyone, other than God can function as an idol—the thing we look to for security, significance, even satisfaction. This wealthy, albeit sincere, man was about to see what was keeping him from eternal life. It should shock us all when we see that. Maybe this study will help us put our thanksgiving in a purer perspective. And who knows, before we’re finished, we might even discover who this nameless visitor really is.


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