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But Wait, There's More!

It has been one of those weeks. You’ve been there. Filled with moments where the slightest aggravation causes an eruption, and yet brimming with passion from what God is revealing to you in His word. How do these contradictory realities exist (at the same time) in the lives of people who know Jesus, His salvation and His promise for eternal life? And yet they do exist, rearing their heads, battling for daily supremacy in the life of every disciple.

I wish you could have been with me in these moments of preparation for this weekend’s services. On the other hand, I’d just as soon you be completely oblivious of the times I’ve acted like a heathen. The passion, joy, tears and gratitude for all that God has shown me in His Word this week is overwhelming. This time of year brings me back, hopefully it brings us all back, to the application as well as the celebration of our Lord’s resurrection.

I have been reminded once again of the theology of Easter. If you’re like me, you tend to compartmentalize your salvation entirely around the cross of Jesus—which is of obvious and vital importance. But there is so much more to God’s grace in our redemption as we look to what the resurrection also offers. The work of Christ on the cross satisfies the righteous requirements of a Holy God for everyone who has faith in Jesus. Thanks be to God! (But wait, there’s more.) It is the resurrection of Christ on the third day that forms the underpinnings of our hope. If a believer embraces Christ as his Savior, looking to the cross for his redemption, and yet does not access the hope given to us in the resurrection, our foundation for confident living is sabotaged. As we consider the truth of the resurrection, Christ’s and our own, we are flooded with the fuel we need to experience eternal life this side of eternity.

Oh that we would lay hold of each reality this Easter—the “why?” behind the suffering, death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. I CANNOT WAIT to bring this message to you this weekend.

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