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A Quest for Consistency

For me, consistency with things is a daily pursuit, and inconsistency is a constant frustration. Whether it’s a date night with Andree or structuring discipline and consequences for my kids,… Read more


The Next Generation Will Lead the Church Forward

We have the privilege of hearing Zach Tinner close our current series, Following, this weekend. Zach is a young man who holds the admiration of many here at CFC, staff and congregation alike. A Reitz… Read more



I love live music in a small setting. I once drove all the way to Nashville from Evansville with two of my sons to hear my favorite jazz saxophonist play in an intimate setting. When Andree and I get… Read more


We're Big But Friendly

One of the things that consistently encourages me is when new people visit CFC and inform me later about how kindly they were greeted. From the moment they approach an entrance, many comment on how… Read more


We Celebrate Baptism

This weekend we are privileged to celebrate one of the sacred ceremonies given to the church. But this is not to say that the church invented baptism. Baptism was practiced before the founding of the… Read more


Til He is Higher Than All

As we move towards Palm Sunday and Easter, I would ask you to consider a quotation from the greatest American theologian who ever lived, Jonathan Edwards. In all of his brilliance and understanding… Read more


Here and Now

One of the questions I’m often asked goes like this: “So how did you end up being a preacher?” … Read more


An International Woman

This week we celebrate “International Women’s Day.” That’s what I’ve been seeing on my news feed anyway. I think that’s great, though I don’t really need a… Read more


Identity Theft

“Cogito Ergo Sum” is a philosophical statement coined in the 1600’s by Rene Descartes. “I think, therefore, I am” is that philosophical statement that has shaped the… Read more


Would "I Do" That Again?

I read once a tweet that went something like this: “I don’t care how strict you think your parents are, I would give anything to have both my parents still living together.” The… Read more



You may remember that over the past few years I have followed the membership series with a couple of weekends on the topic of giving. I am doing that again this year for reasons that I hope are… Read more


For Historical Reasons

As we celebrate the close of another January and keep the momentum of a New Year going, I want to thank you for the feedback I’ve received from many of you concerning our “Belong”… Read more


Have History, Make History

If you’ve been here for any length of time I am fairly optimistic that you can explain why CFC fulfills the criteria for acceptance as a church. To see our local church as a living organism,… Read more


New Message Series: BELONG

It is not only for the young to be hopeful for what this year will bring but also for the oldest among us. A study of the scriptures tells us that while this world offers the same problems, we have… Read more


We Belong Here

For many of you reading this it won’t be BREAKING NEWS that each new year we remember what it means to be the church and find our place in it. CFC is not, obviously, the only local church you… Read more