• 1. Are You prevented from lawfully becoming employed in this country because of visa or immigration status? (Proof of citizenship or immigration status will be required upon employment)*
  • 2. Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony? (A conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from consideration from employment)*
  • 3. Have you ever served in the US Military Service?*
  • 4. Have you ever been discharged or asked to resign from any position?*


  • Last High School Grade Completed *


  • Beginning with your current/most recent employment, please complete the section below in full. Submitting a resume does not replace the need to complete this section.

  • May we contact supervisor?*



  • I certify that the information provided in the attached application is true and complete. I authorize an investigation of all statements contained in my application for employment and I understand that any false or misleading statement or material omissions are cause for refusal to hire or separation of employment, if CFC employed.

  • I hereby authorize former and present employers, except as I have otherwise indicated in writing, as well as physicians, medical, personnel references and others to provide or verify any information they have regarding me or my employment with them to an official representative of CFC and release them from any liability arising from the furnishing of any employment history or medical information to CFC at either parties’ option and will.

  • I further agree and understand that except as governed by existing federal, state, or local law, where applicable, my employment or set hours of work or any other obligation on the part of CFC beyond pay for mutual work performed at the agreed upon rate and that the employment relationship may be terminated at any time by myself or CFC, at either parties options or will.