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Love Local Opportunity

Many foster families don't continue in the role because they are often overwhelmed by all that it takes to foster children. We can help. … Read more


Invite Your Friends

We start a new message series on November 11 & 12 titled "One Thing You Lack." This series is a great time to invite your friends to come to church with you. Call them, text them, send… Read more


We Have It Easy

For the third year in a row, the modern persecution of Christians worldwide has hit another record high. Here are some facts from … Read more


Can We Talk?

CFC has never been a church that talks much about generosity, stewardship, or giving. But in fact, the Bible talks a lot about it. … Read more


Autumn Fest is Almost Here

When we host the Intro to CFC Class for new attenders, we sometimes hear a person say, "We first came to CFC for AutumnFest, and decided to come on Sunday." Yes, it's a fun event with… Read more

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