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How Can I Pray for You?

Here's an idea. Many of us pray and thank the Lord for our food before meals. Often that prayer occurs in a restaurant when we are eating out. The next time you’re eating out, when the… Read more


A Desperate Situation

This weekend in our services, we are asking everyone who calls CFC their church to commit to pray for a huge need that you won’t hear about much in the news. It’s the war in Yemen. We… Read more


An Invitation from a Friend

Each week CFC has guests who are in our services for the very first time. We love guests because we have the opportunity to influence them for Christ. Often a person’s spiritual journey starts… Read more


Perfect love drives out fear

"Perfect love [drives] out fear." 1 John 4:18 tells us... … Read more


We Celebrate Communion - May 19 & 20

One of the most special times in the life of a church is when we are able to celebrate communion together. It's a meaningful time and something that Jesus Himself left for us to cause us to… Read more

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