Global Staff

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H&A met and married while serving in Central Asia. Now based in SE Asia, their main focus remains the same--the unreached. Through various media projects, H films and edits, messages of the Good News that are going forth into unreached areas. Creating culturally relevant media is a tedious process of researching customs of different people groups, working hand in hand with other missionaries, and editing in various languages. H has taken on additional media projects in the last few years helping to further kingdom work in other SE Asian countries. In this season of ministry, the Lord has brought along many university students into H&A's path of whom they serve through bible study, fellowship, and a Sunday English service for those who do not speak the local language. H&A have two little ones who are a joy to raise up in the Lord and see how God uses them to open doors to speak His love and truth.

Christian and Marcie Dedrick

With love and respect we're inviting all Muslims to follow Jesus in Asia Minor. Through tourism and kids clubs, gymnastics and English classes, we're sharing the love of God. Please join us in praying for a movement of people that follow Jesus in love and obedience.

Noel and Patricia Miller

We serve at Evangelical Christian Academy in Madrid, Spain. Our primary ministry roles are to teach English, disciple young people, and to engage and love our Spanish neighbors. We have two young children. They attend the public school in our community and are learning Spanish and building friendships. We are excited to serve in Spain as a family and to represent CFC across the ocean. You can learn more about us and our ministry HERE.


This family serves at their ministry's Middle East / North Africa headquarters in France, frequently traveling into closed countries in support of Arab-Christian workers, volunteers and disciples. They are seeing unprecedented numbers of people coming to faith in Christ through ministry to university students, among professionals, in the planting of new churches, and online.

Teila Pitts

Teila Pitts has served on staff with CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) for nearly 17 years. Her current role is equipping, training, sending and caring for short term and long term missionaries on the field from the states of GA, FL, and MS. She coaches new staff and invests in staff on the field in the US and overseas. Her role is to care for CRU staff so that the Gospel goes forth to the nations. You can pray for her ministry by receiving monthly newsletters or give to her ministry by going HERE.