Generation NOW

Generation NOW (Grades 1-5)

Wednesdays after school till 5:45 pm

Generation NOW is an after school program on Wednesday for children in grades 1-5. Children will experience exciting Bible teaching, engaging worship, small group discipleship, fun electives and fellowship. Generation NOW exists to teach students that they are the generation of now. Generation NOW will teach elementary students about Jesus and help guide them into a personal relationship with Him. Cost is $45 per semester. Spring semester- February 1 through April 26, 2017.

Bus service from Oak Hill Elementary, Scott Elementary and ECS is provided free of charge.

We would like to invite you and your family to join us for dinner each Wednesday at 5:45pm until 6:30pm. The meal costs $3 per person and is catered by local restaurants. (We also encourage families to stay an extra 15 minutes to help clean up.)

Please contact Kelly Vanover at or 812-867-6464 if you have any questions.


Art- Create art you never thought you could do.

Edible Creations- Fun creations that you can eat.

Fun In the Gym- Play games like dodgeball, kick ball, 9 square and more.

Gamer's Club- Play board games, card games and legos with friends!

Girl's Club- Make your own jewelry, hair accessories and more.

Master Chef's- Learn the skills to impress your friends and family in the kitchen

WRITE Away!- Learn to create new characters and stories, and then write and illustrate your own book!

Science- Spectaculer demonstrations, hands on activities and discussions that make science fun!

Please complete this form if you are requesting transportation for your child Transportation Form

Pay online HERE or mail check payable to CFC with Gen NOW on the memo line.

Click HERE for spring schedule and information.

Generation NOW

  • Spring 2017 Participant Registration

  • The spring 2017 session starts February 1, 2017. The full registration fee of $45 must be paid at the time of registration by credit/debit card or by cash/check by January 25, 2017 to secure your child's registration

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  • Child Lives With:*
  • Please contact me about transportation from school.
  • Two elective options are offered per semester. You must choose 3 different elective options and we will work to accommodate your request.

  • Child's Health Information

  • Should your child require medical treatment while participating in Generation NOW, your own family's medical insurance is the primary carrier and will be billed first. CFC's insurance will be a secondary carrier . This does not guarantee that CFC's insurance will cover any remaining costs.


  • The full registration fee of $45 must be paid at the time of registration by credit/debit card or cash/check by January 25, 2017 to secure your child's registration. A separate registration form must be filled out for each student you are registering.

  • (I) (We) the undersigned, parent(s)/guardian(s) of the registrant above, a minor, do hereby authorixe the adult sponsors of Christian Fellowship Church, as agent(s) for the undersigned, to consent to any x-ray examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment, and hospital care, which is deemed advisable by , and is required ot be rendered under the general or special supervision of, any physician or at the hospital or other health care facility. It is understood that this authorization is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care being required, and is given to provide authority and power on the part of the aforesaid agent(s) to give specific consent to any and all such diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care which may be determined by a physicin or surgeon, as aforesaid, to be advisable in the exercise of his/her best judgement.

  • By typing my name below, I am signing this agreement.

  • Crowd Release Notice

  • This notice serves to announce that filming, taping and or photography will take place at Christian Fellowship Church during Generation NOW. By entering our campus, you grant Christian Fellowship Church the right to photograph you and your dependent children, to record your voice and to use your likeness without compensation. You also agree to release Christian Fellowship Church from any liability in connection with the taping/video production in perpetuity. Video and still image produced from Generation NOW's activities may be used by Christian Fellowship Church in print publications (e.g. brochures) or video productions. Video and still images may be posted to the internet. By entering the Christian Fellowship Church campus, you agree to allow your image to be used for these purposes.